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My second WordPress theme and it’s a little bit more ambitious. It features 3 sidebars – two on the right and one in the main area under the posts, and author box along with the customized Archives, Sitemap and Author pages. There is also a section above the sidebars for info of any kind. It comes ready to show either your own custom text or author information, be sure to read the README file for instructions on how to use this box.

It’s been tested in Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera and is valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1.

Demo & Download

About Mina

I'm just a regular person who spends her days at work on the computer and comes home and spends her evenings on the computer. I've been using WordPress for over 3 years and after enjoying all the WP community has to offer I've decided it's time for me to give back. This is my humble attempt at that.
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27 Responses to Lunatic Fringe Theme

  1. Henry Bukasa says:

    Hi Guyz,

    Thank you for the beautiful template.
    I am having problem modify the Lunatic Fringe Theme in word press.
    Basically, I don’t how/where to change the top box “Miscellaneous Information” or About Author.
    Can please show me how to?

  2. Mina says:


    To modify the Miscellaneous Information box go into Admin >> Appearance >> Editor >> info_box.php.

    The about the author information is pulled from your user profile. Admin >> Users >> Your Profile >> Biographical Info.

  3. direstraits94 says:

    How do I insert a picture in the about the author information?

    thank you for your fine work.

  4. Mina says:


    The picture in the About The Author section is actually a gravatar. Go to casino mien phihttp://www.gravatar.com and sign up. They will ask you to upload an image to be used as your gravatar. You have to make sure that you use the same email address at gravatar.com as you do for your WP user account.

  5. direstraits94 says:

    for some reason it is not working (gravatar)

  6. Mina says:

    If you just recently signed up, just give it a little time to get into their system.

    And as I said earlier, you need to make sure you use the same email address that you used on your user profile in your blog.

    Also check your ratings setting. I got this blurb from the gravatar site:

    Many sites only support displaying avatars with a rating of G. If your avatar is rated as too explicit (you get to set the rating yourself) it will not be shown on sites that do not support that particular rating. The check tool (http://en.gravatar.com/support/check) will show you what your gravatar might look like for all ratings. If you wish to change your images rating, simply hover your mouse over the image in the list at the bottom of your manage page, and you will see the rating appear in black. Click on that rating, and choose a new on from the next page. As always give it a bit of time for the new rating to take effect!

  7. direstraits94 says:

    I know I rated it G and I know the gravatar works elsewhere. Emails are the same so I am at a bit of a loss here. If there is any other info you need, let me know. Check tool shows it.


  8. direstraits94 says:

    P.S. Should my gravatar show in the comments?

  9. Mina says:

    One other thing to check then is to make sure you’re wordpress installation is set to ‘G’. Go into Settings >> Discussion and down near the bottom, Maximum Rating and make sure that’s set to ‘G’.

    Other than that though I don’t know, other people’s gravatars are working fine here and on their own sites so I don’t think it’s the theme.

    And yes, gravatars should work in comments.

  10. Henry Bukasa says:

    Hi Mina,

    Thanks for yo help, it’s went straight to the point.
    My second question on this theme is: how can you show a post and its few comments on the home page? Currently it’s only shows the posts.


  11. Ann Charles says:

    Hi Mina,

    Thanks for creating this theme! I appreciate you sharing it.

    My question has to do with parent and child pages. I have some child pages under a parent page, but those child pages are not showing up anywhere (not when I hover over the parent page menu or when I’m in the parent page. Is this theme set up to show child pages? If so, can you tell me what I’m doing wrong or if there is something I need to do to make these child pages appear?

    Ann C.

  12. Philip Baker says:


    I am using Lunatic Fringe 1.4 but suddenly it won’t accept any more posts without shooting the Left and Right side bars to below the main side bar.

    Can you please help

    Thank you, in anticipation


  13. Philip Baker says:


    No, you won’t, I took the post down, the site will not accept any more posts without shooting Left and Right side bars to the bottom of the main side bar.

    If you go to the site now I have put up a test post to Lunatic Fringe, you will see what I mean.

    Thank you for responding


  14. Philip Baker says:


    As a follow on from my reply I can confirm that I don’t think this is a plugin problem as it was working perfectly and the plugins are the same


  15. Philip Baker says:


    I think I should leave well alone for a while, I have completely messed up the info box, can you please help with this as well?

    Also, I am trying to get my photo in the info box with my details, I am signed up with Gravatar.com, but I don’t want it in the comments side, also is it possible to pick up both my Gravatar and those of my gust writers?


  16. Philip Baker says:

    Thank you for your reply, I got the info box back together, just let me know how I can just show the image in one place only.

    I will try the plugins and let you know

  17. Philip Baker says:


    Deactivated all plugins, no difference, if I delete the test post it returns to normal.

    Any ideas


  18. Philip Baker says:


    Any ideas, I really do need to do something even if it means changing themes, its almost as if there’s a maximum number of posts permitted!

    Please help


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