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While working on my latest theme I decided that I am no longer going to kill myself worrying about coding to please Internet Explorer 6. With IE7 having been around for a while and IE8 making it’s presence known, there really is no reason for people to still be using IE6. In fact all my site stats show that IE6 usership is low. Frankly, as far as I’m concerned there’s no reason to use Internet Explorer at all.

So here is my plea to all IE users…TRY FIREFOX, ‘kay? ??

About Mina

I'm just a regular person who spends her days at work on the computer and comes home and spends her evenings on the computer. I've been using WordPress for over 3 years and after enjoying all the WP community has to offer I've decided it's time for me to give back. This is my humble attempt at that.
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10 Responses to So Long IE6!

  1. Hello, I have begin to use firefox, I just love that! I also have thunderbird mail program, love that too. IE are not soo good but sometimes on some buisness I must use IE and I don’t like that.
    I use your wasteland theme on my blog, it’s just perfekt!!!


  2. Tammy says:


    Is there something I can do to fix the theme in IE? I actually do not use IE, but a lot of people I help with blogs do. The current theme I am using is beautiful in FF. But terrible looking in IE.

  3. Tammy says:

    LOL- I JUST re uploaded the theme again…It must have been an upload problem cause it’s working fine now!! Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!
    The theme is beautiful! Thank you!! ??

  4. Ok, since I don’t have paypal ?? let me give you something back.
    I am admin for two sites (hobby): 20 – 30 % of my visitors use IE6; 2- 4 % even use 800×600 screens.
    Since I am a service guy, I changed the stylesheet of the one site I am now converting to WordPress with the Autumn Almanac theme so that it has no issues in IE6, it does not show a horizontal scrollbar on a 1024 laptop screen in IE7. And I tweaked the width, margins and padding so that an include (with pictures) I do in the right sidebar does not disappear in IE6 (it actually shifted to a position below the container). Yes, all this leads to a small free area left and right of the screen).
    I will be happy to share this stylesheet with anyone (just send an email to webmaster at braboteam.nl ) .
    BTW even IE7 on my laptop creates a horizontal scrollbar for thecloisters.net (yes, FF does not).
    At browsershots.org/ anyone can do their checking!

    Greets, Henk

  5. Henk says:

    It’s in your mail.